Joris van Tubergen

3D print installations, inventions, design, experiences and experiments

Joris van Tubergen (1977) is a designer, inventor and expert in the field of 3D printing. His knowledge and techniques are used in several projects and installations renowned by leading (international) galleries and museums. With his clear way of explaining his vision on the future of 3D printing and the future role of digital fabrication in society he is a frequently asked speaker for international and national broadcasts on television, interviews and public lectures. He teaches digital fabrication at several educational institutions a.o. TU Delft, KABK, HKU, ArtEZ and WDKA.

Joris studied Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His very early fascination for digital production resulted in 2008 in joining the startup of Fablab Protospace in Utrecht. Until now he still is the Creative Director at Protospace. Since the start of the Fablab, he has supported the development of the RepRap – an open source 3D printer that you can build yourself. In 2010, the popular RepRap masterclasses at Protospace resulted in the development of Ultimaker: At the moment a world leading desktop 3D printer firm.

Selection of projects:

2017 – Visiting Professor TUDelft
Researching 3d printing on one object with multiple printheads at the same time and making a demonstrator installation.

2016 – 3D printed mannequin of Tom Dumoulin
Commissioned by Team Giant-Alpecin in collaboration with TU Delft
The university used a peculiar method during the investigation of the aerodynamics of the suit: Dumoulin’s body was first scanned, after which a 3D-mannequin of his body was printed. The drag of this mannequin – each time with a different suit – was then tested and optimised in the Delft’ wind tunnel.

Ongoing – Aectual [FKA 3D Print Canal House]
Partner as 3D print expert commissioned by DUS since 2012.
Exhibited and published around the world including Dutch, Belgian, German, French, English, American, Chinese, Korean, and Russian national television and magazines like National Geographic, TIME, Wall Street Journal and Vogue. Winner of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (SEA), nominated for the Dutch Design Award and New Material Award 2014.
Development of the KamerMaker 3D Printer (1 and 2) and specific 3D print knowledge for printing big objects. KamerMaker (literally Room-maker) is the biggest FDM 3D printer worldwide with which a canal house is 3D printed in Amsterdam as a research to 3D printing on the scale of architecture and building.

2016 – Trumpet 3D printed during transport
Commissioned by TBWA\NEBOKO for PostNL
The package and the trumpet is designed in a way it can really be 3D printed during transport. Is PostNL carefull enough with the package? Every bump in the process can have consequences for the quality. Dutch best trumpeter Eric Vloeimans can test that quality. He received the package and blew the horn.

2015 – Personalized Toon thermostat covers
Commissioned by Volt for Eneco
Toon – the smart thermostat of Eneco – nr 100.000 will be installed and therefore Toon customers could ask for a personalized Toon cover. For the ten winners a personalized cover is designed and printed in one day.

2015 – Succesfull Kickstarter Campaign
Self initiated project
As a result of the 3D Elephant petition the idea was to enable more people to print unlimited in height. On top of that was the wish to do a crowd funding campaign myself. At ProtoSpace, Fablab Utrecht, people with smart ideas ask for advice, many times I suggest crowdfunding could be an option, but suggesting that based of the real experience is more convincing.
Campaign video

2014 – Institute for Human Activities
Commissioned by artist Renzo Martens
Exhibited in National Museum of Art (Cardiff UK), van Abbe museum (Eindhoven NL), ongoing exhibitions in 2015.
Z-Unlimited is used to 3D print scans of clay objects from Congo that serve as a basis for chocolate art objects.

2014 – 3D elephant petition
Commissioned by advertising agency FHVBBDO for the World Animal Protection.
Nominated for Eurobest European Advertising Festival 2014.
Z-Unlimited installation with five printers printing a life size elephant. Signing the petition against elephant abuse activated the printers. All 30.000 names are engraved in the 3D printed elephant skin. Live performance at Schiphol airport with a duration of two weeks.

2013 – Weekly Cups
Self initiated project
Every week a new drinking cup was designed, printed and published under Creative Commons (BY-NC).
All cups are published on Thingiverse

2012 – Screaming Room
Commissioned by Alica Framis
Exhibited in Rabo Art Zone (Utrecht NL), Museum für Gestaltung (Zürich CH), Galería Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid ES), MUSAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla (Léon ES), Departemental Museum of Contemporary art (Rochechouart FR). Winner Best Practice E-culture award (Virtueel Platform).
Stand alone installation. Especially designed software transforms the visitors scream into a unique 3d object, printed directly on the spot by a 3D printer. The form of the object depends on your type of scream: the height, the tone, the dureé, etc…

2012 – 3DEA Popup store New York
Commissioned by Ultimaker for 3DEA
Published in several international newspapers and magazines including TIME.
3D Printing installations for the 3DEA popup store in New York. Including a grid of 12 Ultimakers that could simultaneously be controlled by a mobile phone. This way a production of up to 10.000 products a week could be realized. In total Joris installed 21 Ultimakers at the store.

2011 – €1,- per minute stores
Self initiated project
Exhibited in numerous spaces including Centraal Museum (Utrecht NL), Magna Plaza (Amsterdam NL), Fiber (Amsterdam NL), How Do You Do (Gent BE), Salone del Mobile (Milano IT). Published in several newspapers and blogs like Volkskrant, NRC and The pop up city.
Pop up stores where the print time determines the price you pay. For example a bracelet from 2 minutes and 34 seconds will cost you €2,34. The buyer can adjust the size and colours of the object of choice.