Bronze prints by Parkinson

Machine ‘affected’ by Parkinson’s Disease creates unique art pieces.
Kinetic and neurological data from Parkinson’s patients are used to create distorted 3D-printed versions of beloved objects. The art collection visualizes the disease’s impact on patient’s lives. Six bronze objects tell the stories of six affected lives.
Each art object is soled and the proceeds go towards funding research projects for Parkinson.

About the collection
“We asked six patients to name an object that became difficult to use due to Parkinson’s. Then we recorded their kinetic and neurological data with EEG systems and accelerometers and used it to affect the object’s geometry. According to their tremor, we 3D-printed their object in bronze – visualizing Parkinson’s impact on their lives. From left to right: Chainsaw, Kayak Paddle, Nutcracker, Camera, Ballpen, Aeroplane.”

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Commissioned by: Parkinson Foundation
Idea: INNOCEAN Worldwide Berlin
Production: MediaMonks and Cosmopola
Gallery: Alte Münze, Berlin
3D print specialist: Joris van Tubergen
Produced 2019
Award: Yellow pencil for Graphic design / Data Visualization 2020