Tablet case for EYE film museum

Especially designed and 3D printed cases for tablets to be used by children in permanent interactive museum tour: the EYEwalk. From initial idea till final production and fully used in practice within one month!

The EYEwalk is a video tour for children aged 7 to 12 that brings exciting films to life. With a tablet in hand, children take a fifteen-minute ‘video walk’ through the museum building. They follow various film characters who seem to be right in front of their noses, in the very same room. In the EYEwalk, children discover what makes a film exciting, and how films can trick the senses.

The EYEwalk has won the New Media Awards (Best of Industry in categorie Musea) and a Highly Commended Prize of MuseumNext.

Commissioned by EYE Film Museum, 2014