Screaming Room

The Screaming Room is a stand alone installation for artist Alicia Framis. Especially designed software transforms the visitors scream into a unique 3d object. This object is directly 3D printed on the spot by an Ultimaker. The form of the object depends on your type of scream: the height, the tone, the duration et cetera…

This installation is unique since it is the first stand alone 3D printing installation: From the input of the visitors scream till the final 3D printed object without intervention of an operator. Exhibited in several international gallerias and museums for months.

From a digital age and third industrial revolution perspective this installation is also provoking the authorship discussion which is going on: Since it’s the visitor’s scream printed, without intervention of the artist, who made the art piece? But then again the object is free for the visitor to take home, stating this discussion is of no importance at all.

Alicia Framis designed the Screaming Room especially for Rabobank. She was inspired by the new open work environment and the resulting reduction in privacy. The work, which is five meters high and four meters wide, incorporates a small room where everyone can come to one’s senses. Alicia invites everyone to come and scream like mad: with joy or in frustration or sadness. Within fourteen minutes, each scream is transformed into a unique object of potato starch by means of ingenuous software and a 3D printer. The visitor can take this earthly object home.

Commissioned by Alica Framis, 2012
Exhibited in Rabo Art Zone (Utrecht NL 2012), Museum für Gestaltung (Zürich CH, 2013), Galería Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid ES, 2013), MUSAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla (Léon ES, 2014), Departemental Museum of Contemporary art (Rochechouart FR, 2014).
Winner Best Practice E-culture award (Virtueel Platform, 2013).