Z-Unlimited add-on for Ultimaker

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Ever dreamed of printing larger objects with your very own Ultimaker? Joris developed an amazingly simple add-on to achieve this: the Z-Unlimited. The Z-Unlimited basically flips your 3D printer upside down and moves it all the way up along a wall while it is printing. To convert your 3D printer will only take you 10 minutes. And this operation is just as easy to undo.

With the Z-Unlimited add-on your Ultimaker will be able to print really tall objects like large vases, life-sized (scanned) human sculptures or even an elephant!

The Z-Unlimited is a wonderful way to enlarge your capabilities using an Ultimaker without changing your workflow or ending up renting a bigger workstudio. On Kickstarter the Z-Unlimited will be available in several heights and comes with a smart support system for high printed objects including an easy to install software update. The add-on is available for Ultimaker original and original plus. Z-Unlimited is licensed under Creative Commons (BY-NC).

More specs and tips & tricks for printing big sized objects will follow.

Printing an elephant with the Z-Unlimited installation


The Kick Starter Campaign was succefully funded
More information can be found there.

The basic Z-Unlimited package comes with a carriage set and a rail of 1.2 meters and all other parts needed to start printing [Ultimaker not included]. This will extend your print-area in Z to 65cm high. If you wish to go even higher you easily mount extra length of rails to the system. To get high quality prints all the way to the top Z-Unlimited features a very simple support mechanism that can be adjusted to any height.

The build instructions are available on www.rooiejoris.nl/instructions

Do you want to buy a Z-Unlimited add-on for Ultimaker? Fill in this form and transfer the right amount of money [your option plus €75,- shipping] by PayPal or bank transfer. There is a limited amount of extra kits.


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