Fairphone cases

  • how the Design A Day challenge works

  • Cost breakdown of the Fairphone 3D-printed case.

Design of protective Fairphone cases that can be 3D printed. The cases can be easily customized. The customized cases are designed with input from the Fairphone community with the design a day challenge: One summer week in 2014 every day a new case was designed, 3D printed and published. Due to it’s success this design challenge was repeated in December 2014. The cases are sold in the Fairphone webshop and printed in collaboration with 3D Hubs, a distributed network of (private)printers around the world. After you’ve ordered one, you let it be printed at your nearest 3D Hub.

Fairphone is a phone building company with the goal to create a fairer economy. A social enterprise with a vision to change how things are made. They open up supply chains, solve problems and use transparency to start debate about what’s truly fair.

This project endorses these values with design and creativity by local distribution and on-demand production – eliminating the need for long-distance shipping or producing excess stock.

Commissioned by Fairphone, 2014

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